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Download the Loglady Sampler on soundcloud!

Download the Loglady Sampler off our soundcloud!

One Thousand Sins premiers on

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Meet Dead Angle!

We love LA-based Dead Angle, and we can’t get enough of their songs on the new Shit Split 7” with Terry Malts.  You can check out their full bio on the Artists Page. We sat down with them (via Gchat) for an in depth conversation on truth, love and the punk rock way: Loglady:  whats Dead Angles hangover cure?

Dead Angle:  The punk rock answer is “Drink it away! Hair of the dog! Woo!” The more likely answer is “Eat something greasy if you can stomach it, drink some fluids, and then sleep until you feel human again.”
Loglady:  amen friend

Terry Malts / Dead Angle 7”s

[caption id=”attachment_100” align=”alignnone” width=”300” caption=” Now in stock!”]Terry Malts / Dead Angle 7"[/caption]

"it’s alright" video premier

Positive Destruction Presents

Permanent Collection on

Newly Wed Nearly Dead out August 7th, 2012 - Pre-order starts May 21st. Download the first track off the album on the FADER.

Terry Malts / Dead Angle Split 7” announced

Available June 12th, 2012. Check back soon for Pre-order.